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Heritage Home Theater first opened its doors in June of 1996.  Richard Parker, the founder and CEO, brings more than eight years of experience in sales for a multi-million dollar distribution corporation into the foundation of the company.  Prior to that Mr. Parker spent another ten years in the security industry installing and servicing security, telephone, cctv and fire alarm systems.  Learning from the top mechanics in the industry, providing experience in low voltage cable installations in some of the most elegant and exclusive residences in Westchester County. His vast experience in sales, his attention to customer service, and his drive for perfection are the lifeblood and number one priority of Heritage Home Theater.

Each system is unique, custom designed specifically for the space and the needs of the cleint.  In an industry where so many of the products out there are "Home Theater in a box" Heritage Home Theater prides itself on creating an environment for each customer as unique as their family and living space. 

Heritage Home Theater Systems is proud to be a member of CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association). This membership guarantees you the security and reputation of working with a professional.  CEDIA provides it members with access to the latest industry products, standards, training and certification and we bring that knowledge to your custom installation.






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